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1878 Country Holiday Ensemble 
All dressed for a lovely holiday in the country, this dear lady is stylishly and suitably dressed to enjoy her time in the fresh air, maybe even pick a rose or two!

Inspired by a Peterson's Parisienne colored engraving, this 1878 ensemble is composed of a trained striped skirt with a gentle bias cut ruffle at the hem; a solid colored overskirt trimmed with pleats and braid; then an additional braid trimmed striped overskirt with a long back drapery. Her fitted bodice is in the solid color, trimmed with the stripe around the neck, the wide cuffs, and the bias binding on the lower edge. The back of the bodice is in points, extending down onto the overskirt.

Her hat is formed of buckram and wire, covered with velvet, and lined with the same solid color as her dress bodice. It is trimmed with braid, silk ribbon loops,a wee bit of lace and artificial flowers. It is constructed mostly using a clear drying, flexible glue. 
Price: 7.00 USD


Robe de Jersey 1927 
A lovely new style for your Bleuette, this time made in very chic jersey! Jersey fabric became popular in the twenties, and as usual, Bleuette was in the latest fashion. I show it made in a lovely wool jersey, but silk or cotton jersey would also be authentic.

The skirt has an elastic waist; and it and the blouse top are trimmed with fabric bands of vintage floral cotton. The closure is made smooth with snaps, and there is a darling row of decorative buttons, and a wee pocket flap. This is an easy to make outfit rich with style. 
Price: 7.00 USD


UNE VEST 1959 for Bleuette and Rosette 
This charming style was originally offered in La Semaine de Suzette… with the pattern given for just the jacket. I have re-drafted the jacket pattern to fit the JN Bleuette and Rosette bodies...and added patterns for a full gathered skirt and open crowned hat! This hat pattern is also usable with many other fifties styles .

The jacket as I made it calls for the edges to be bound, which is a nice design detail, but this can be omitted if you sew the jacket and lining right side to right side, leaving an opening to turn it.

I also added the separate cuff lining for the sleeve, (in a cute "V" shape) so that a contrasting fabric could be used, to co-ordinate with the binding and/or the skirt. 
Price: 7.00 USD


Reunion Intime 1933 G-L 
This charming set is composed of a blouse with a box pleat at the lower sleeve edge, and a sleeveless dress which features a scoop neck, and a pleated skirt set unto a bodice with a scalloped lower edge.

The original GL dress was of various small prints… with a white blouse. A note about the blouse - I drafted the sleeve on the small side, like the original. Our modern sensibilities generally prefer a puffier sleeve, and you can enlarge it if you like of course. I chose to retain the original appearance of a smaller sleeve and a loose fitting dress. 
Price: 7.00 USD


A MERRY TRIO pattern set ~ Three Twenties style patterns for Bleuette 
Here are three new patterns, designed and modeled by my favorite Bleuette dolls! The patterns are named in honor of them too, my dear little models who have worked so hard for me through the years!

These styles were inspired by, but are not exact copies, of some fetching GL styles from the twenties, which is one of my favorite Bleu eras.

EMMA: A gathered wool skirt, well fitting long sleeved linen blouse, and a cosy tweed jacket with wee pockets. A pleated beret sits down low on her head.

MADELEINE: A fitted tweed skirt, topped with a fine pique blouse with set in short sleeves, her bodice gathered into a wide hip level band, and trimmed with an elegant bow. Her little velvet jacket is fully lined.

CHANTAL: A delightful dress, her bodice is printed silk twill, her skirt, neck binding and sleeves in a fine silk shantung. Leather belt. Shaped hat, fully lined, with a narrow turned back brim, ornamented with a decorative button and ostrich fronds.

Price: 7.00 USD


Casaque Brodee LSDS 1920 
Here is a darling hand embroidered style for dear Bleuette! She is happy as can be in her new ensemble, inspired by the La Semaine de Suzette 1920 style, "Casaque Brodee". Plus, I gave her a darling chapeau too, in an authentic style for the twenties.

As shown, the skirt with elastic waist is made in a vintage cotton fabric, and the embroidered top is made from a vintage linen.

This versatile and easy to make style would be pretty in cottons, silks, or wools... you are only limited by your creativity! It is made special by the chain stitch embroidery in a very modern style for 1920... but then, Bleuette was always dressed tres tres chic! 
Price: 7.00 USD


Reception and Favori, Gautier Languereau 1930's 
I have named this sweet ensemble "A Stroll in the Park" as my Bleuette looked all ready for a fashionable promenade. Accompanied by her poodle, Valeray, Madeleine Sophie steps out confidently, her little French heart sure that she can more than hold her own!

Her attire starts with her underclothing: a pair of drawers and a straight "Empire" style chemise. They are made of voile and trimmed with matching antique lace. I gave the chemise a center back opening which ties closed with silk ribbons. (This makes it a lot easier to take on and off).

Then her dear little dress: RECEPTION, a G-L style from 1931. It has a slightly dropped waist bodice, and a two tier skirt that is cut on the curve. It is sewn smoothly to the bodice, and is finished with a silk ribbon sash. The circa 1930's pink voile print is lined throughout with white cotton voile as it is so sheer. All the edges have a narrow binding of white voile. This makes it easy to finish the edges and provides good shape.

And her FAVORI Coat! I made it in a very vintage eyelet pique, and the collar and cuffs are formed of vintage Viyella (a soft wool/cotton). The pink of her dress just shows though the little eyelet holes.

Versatile, easy to make, this style is a real classic with delicate, feminine lines. I am sure you will enjoy making it! Many other fabrics are suitable... light silks, various cottons, and thin wools will all look well! 
Price: 7.00 USD


LA BRISE Gautier Languereau 1942 
La Brise was advertised as a ready made dress from Gautier Languereau in the publication: Les Veillees des Chaumieres, as La Semaine de Suzette wasn't published during the war years. It was just the dress, so we paired it with GRANDE CAPELINE, a hat style published in LSDS in 1937.

The two together make for quite a fetching ensemble!! The original La Brise was made in a printed cotton organdy, which is very hard to find. So we used a pure cotton voile, and starched it, and the result is just like organdy in appearance. Her hat is made from a cotton dimity... chosen because its woven stripes echo the stripes in the dress fabric. Her hat has a band of a vintage style cotton trim which matches the color of the dress exactly!

This sleeveless dress has an applied V-shape panel to both front and back bodices, with a shoulder ruffle attached. The skirt has two gathered layers. A self sash is kept in place under the lower point of the front "V". Her hat is adorable on many angles, however you and your doll decides it looks most flirtatious! 
Price: 7.00 USD


Cosy Wintertime Ensemble - Dress and Fur Trimmed Coat 
What a cozy yet chic ensemble for Bleuette! The dress, fur trimmed coat and hat are all inspired by La Semaine de Suzette patterns from the 1920's.

I show them made up in vintage wool and silk, with a low pile faux fur. You can use these same types of fabrics, or create something uniquely your own!

The dress is simple to make with a flexible braid trim to accent it. The coat is unlined (to reduce bulk) and is easy to fit.

Once your Bleuette is nestled inside her warm dress and coat, then top it all off with her jaunty silk hat, and tie her scarf securely to keep her all cozy! 
Price: 7.00 USD


Robe Empire 1908 and Capulet Bernadette 1905 
This delightful LSDS dress can have various details added to it to make your creation unique. The lapels can be embroidered, embellished with lace or ribbon, or can be cut in a contrasting fabric, as can the cuffs. A couple of rows of narrow ribbon at the hem would also look well.

It has elements that harken back to the Empire period in French history, hence the name. It was updated to be very stylish for the little French girl of 1908.

This cape is a good example of how a totally simple style can be extremely charming when worn. Nothing more than a simple rectangle, when placed on your doll, and arranged, with the tasseled point hanging down in the back, it makes you want to keep looking at it from all angles...there is no side that isn't terribly sweet!

It was named after St. Bernadette of Lourdes, a peasant girl who no doubt wore a cape like this everyday… here it is made fancy by choice of materials. 
Price: 7.00 USD


Robe en Foulard Imprime 1922; Cape Nouvelle 1926; and Chapeau de Pluie 1924 
This is a dear dress with ruffles at the neckline, low waist and sleeve; paired with a breezy cape with a delightful puff gathered collar… and very Deco embroidery at the hem! Finished off with the sweetest little chapeau with turn back brim and pom pom!

I have made the dress in a bright Deco print; the cape is made from vintage hand woven Irish wool. The cape collar has an under collar, and the silk taffeta upper collar is gathered to it on all sides.

When choosing the wool or fabric for the cape, keep in mind it should be lightweight. 
Price: 7.00 USD


Two sundresses: 29 A L'Hombre from 1956 AND Cote D'Emeraude from 1959 for Bleuette and Rosette 
At last! Bleuette and Rosette are all ready to go play at the seashore! Their sweet maman sent them off with TWO very chic beach dresses. The first, Cote D'Emeraude, has crossover shoulder straps, and big pockets to hold their sea shells and the other treasures they find. Oh happy day!

The G-L originals of Cote D'Emeraude were made from green or red cotton poplin with white pique trim.

Style 29 a L'Hombre is a cheerful sundress which fastens up the front, and has a belt. It has a V neck front and back, plus perky shoulder bows. Just the thing to wear outside on a bright summer day! 
Price: 7.00 USD


Bleuette's Basic Pattern Set - 12 patterns to Mix and Match 
This pattern set has twelve patterns. Ten are G-L styles,and two are from La Semaine de Suzette. You can make them as shown, OR, almost all of the pattern pieces are interchangeable. This means all the sleeves work with all the bodices, all except one of the collars can be switched, and the skirts can be paired with different bodices!

You will notice when looking at the patterns, that even though they were originally sold from between 1927 and 1958, that they all have a bodice with a natural waistline, a gathered or pleated full skirt, various set in sleeves and a variety of collars!

This is a great pattern set, as purists can make them as shown for an authentic re-creation; while those who want to play a bit more will find it easy to create their own unique styles!

This pattern set is contained in a blue paper folder... There is a full color cover sheet, and three sheets in full color show all twelve styles individually too! Each pattern has its own set of clear instructions. And it will be easy to use the different pattern pieces to vary the styles... 
Price: 30.00 USD


Robe Anglaise 1915 and Jaquette Kimono 1913 plus Chapeau! 
This sweet ensemble is composed of variations of two La Semaine De Suzette patterns for Bleuette: Robe Anglaise from 1915 and Jaquette Kimono from 1913. I changed the trim and skirt style on Robe Anglaise; the Jaquette Kimono was altered in length and cut to look well over the dress. Then to add a further elegant touch, Mlle Bleuette was given her very chic turban style toque, with its marvelous ostrich flourish! This is a wonderful set to complement the beauty of your Premiere Bleuette!

The dress is trimmed with narrow velvet ribbon, satin ribbon, lace edging and insertion, and little sequins with beads to anchor them in place. Her sash matches her hair bow. The Jaquette is a simple and very graceful style. It is easy and fun to make! Her little toque looks fancy but is also simple to make. It has ribbon twisted around the draped brim, and two sweet bows to finish the back 
Price: 7.00 USD


Morning Dress Late 1860's 
This is a delightful morning dress from the late 1860's. Your doll will thank you for adding this charming dress to her trunk!! This fresh and lovely style reminds me of a sunny morning with a new day stretching ahead with all its possibilities. Usually made of a nice cotton, my version is also trimmed with little velvet bows.

Unlined. It includes a skirt with some back fullness, and a semi-fitted bodice with shaped back and front darts. Self fabric ruching and Swiss edging complete the look. What a lovely dress to start the day!

This pattern will enable you to make a very beautiful morning dress for your doll!

This pattern was made to fit a well proportioned French Fashion type doll, from 11.5" to 12" tall. It is shown on a doll with the Create A Doll leather body, will also fit the Seeley lady body, and should be able to be worn by other 12" FF with minor adjustments. The doll is wearing underclothing from my Underclothing Set Two. 
Price: 7.00 USD


Doux Reve 1958 GL for Bleuette and Rosette 
After a wonderful day playing at the beach, Bleuette and Rosette are all tuckered out and ready for a cozy night's sleep.

They love their new nighties, made from the same pattern but different fabrics.

They are almost floor length, and are trimmed with two rows of baby rickrack, stitched on in a bolero shape.

Price: 7.00 USD


Serendipity LSDS 1905 Dress, Jacket and Hat 
La Semaine de Suzette 1905 patterns...The dress was intended as a lesson in creativity for the Suzettes, as they were instructed to use pattern pieces from previously published patterns. I call it Serendipity as it allows one to create as one pleases. This dress will look well in soft fabrics, as it has a gathered bodice which should droop gracefully. Cotton, silk, even very fine wool would be pretty. It has lace insertion inset into the top of the bodice, as well as on the skirt. The same lace serves as a sleeve ruffle. If you like, you can substitute a fabric instead of the lace. Silk ribbon is stitched on top of the exposed edges of the lace. It gives a lovely touch, and provides an opportunity to contrast, or emphasize a particular color in a print fabric. The same ribbon in a wider width serves well as a sash.

The adorable jacket is simple to make and adds such a note to an ensemble! It has tremendous style to it from the deep lapels, to the sharply curved sleeves to the flared hem with slits. Make it in a medium weight fabric with body, but not stiffness. Our example is made in a good weight of brushed cotton. It is not lined, rather all the seems are overcast, and the hems are held in place with herringbone stitch. It fastens shut with two hidden snaps, and is finished with decorative buttons. This is an ideal style to use a narrow width of a heavy lace.

The hat was made from wheat straw braid, and as it is a highly individual process to make and shape a straw hat, a pattern is not given, but general instructions and tips to make a hat resembling the one shown are at the end of the instructions.

Altogether these patterns will make a delighful ensemble for your Bleuette!! 
Price: 7.00 USD


Underclothing Set One - 1860's Girls' Set 
This is a pattern for making an authentic set of underclothing for French Fashion girl dolls from the 1860's. The set includes lace trimmed and tucked drawers, softly gathered chemise, wired crinoline and a full gathered petticoat with seven tucks!

Easy to make, this set is essential if you wish those full skirts to stand out well!

This pattern was made to fit a well proportioned French Fashion type doll, from 11.5" to 12" tall. The waistlines fasten with tape ties for easy adjustment. It is pictured on a doll with the leather Create A Doll body. 
Price: 7.00 USD


Underclothing Set Three - Early 1870's 
Here is a pattern for making an authentic set of underclothing for French Fashion lady dolls from the early 1870's. Your doll will be oh-so-special in this beautiful set of tucked and lace trimmed underclothing! From the fancy drawers, to the darling chemise with its little puffed sleeves and a pin-tucked corset cover, to the ruffled full petticoat with its flirty bustle effect, this set of lingerie will cause a flutter of excitement!

This set will beautifully support late 1860's and early 1870's bustled skirts

This pattern was made to fit a well proportioned French Fashion type doll, from 11.5" to 12" tall. The waistlines fasten with tape ties for easy adjustment. It is pictured on a doll with the Seeley body. 
Price: 7.00 USD


Elegant Dinner Dress Ensemble 
This is a most elegant dinner dress ensemble dating from the very early 1870's. The gored skirt has a slight train, and a ruffle of knife edged pleats headed by a band of narrow velvet ribbon.

The overskirt is a confection! It has a center panel, two gores each side, and the back panel. It is curved, gathered and pleated into a marvelously feminine frou frou to top the skirt. It is trimmed in fringe and velvet ribbon.

Then the bodice is finely cut to flatter milady's trim shape. The back has a flirty peplum, and the front is cut away to reveal an inset. Elegant bell shape sleeves. Cut out neckline allows a favorite piece of jewelry to be beautifully displayed.

This pattern will enable you to make a simply beautiful costume for your doll!

It will fit dolls 11.5" to 12" tall. It is shown on a doll with the Seeley lady body, but should be able to be worn by other 12" FF with minor adjustments. 
Price: 7.00 USD


Morning Wrapper Circa 1870 
This is a lovely and feminine morning wrapper. Every trousseau needs one of these!! This was the gown a lady put on in the morning, perhaps for the breakfast table. It was slightly loose and she didn't have to wear a corset with it! Of course its informality did not decree that it be ordinary, as proven by this charming robe.

This is a one piece gown, and is fairly simple to make. Darted front, and the seamed bodice back releases into a soft bustle. It is trimmed with many rows of narrow trim, and has two pleated pockets for milady's little treasures. The hem is made special by a lace trimmed dust ruffle.

This pattern will enable you to make a simply beautiful morning wrapper for your doll!

This pattern was made to fit a well proportioned French Fashion type doll, from 11.5" to 12" tall. It is shown on a doll with the Seeley lady body, but should be able to be worn by other 12" FF with minor adjustments. The doll is wearing underclothing made from my FF Underclothing Set Three pattern 
Price: 7.00 USD


Day Dress Late 1860's 
A late 1860's Day Dress... a delightfully sweet style for a lady to wear about the house. This pattern includes skirt, bodice, and bobbinet lace fichu/collar.

The dress is in two pieces, as the skirt and bodice are separate. The bodice has darts both front and back. It has optional corded piping around the neckline, waist and armholes. The full sleeve is headed with a separate cap sleeve. The skirt has five double box pleats, and gauging in the back. It is trimmed with narrow velvet ribbon, and also contains instructions on how to make her velvet belt. The bobbinet lace fichu has pleated pinked trimming on all sides, and fastens with a silk ribbon bow.

This pattern was made to fit a well proportioned French Fashion type doll, from 11.5" to 12" tall. It is shown on a doll with the Create A Doll leather lady body, but should be able to be worn by other 12" FF with minor adjustments. The doll is wearing underclothing made from my FF Underclothing Set Two pattern. 
Price: 7.00 USD


Carriage Dress Circa 1865 Pattern 
What a feminine carriage dress! Once upon a time, it was common to see ladies in delightful ensembles just like this, rolling gently down the avenue behind a matched pair of fine horses...

The costume includes a tucked chemisette with detached sleeves; a full skirt with the gathered back extending into a train; and a bodice attached to a sweeping overskirt. It is trimmed with lace, velvet ribbon, and self fabric pleating.

Her hat is a little bit of nothing, made from two laces, a ribbon bow and cut fabric streamers.

Just the thing for a special outfit for your 1860's era French Fashion! 
Price: 7.00 USD


"Sweet Dress from 1882"... A Beribboned Cozy Ensemble in Fine Wools and Silks 
This is a sweet 1882 style for a lady’s house dress. It has a four paneled skirt, a pleated and swagged overskirt with ribbon bows and rosettes, a semi-fitted bodice with double darts in the front, and four shaped pieces in the back, trimmed with a narrow pleated edging on the hem and sleeve. The collar is a modified sailor style. Her little shawl is fringed loosely woven wool. “To top it all off” is a darling cap that is puffed and trimmed with lace and ribbon loops; it ties cozily under the chin. I have made it in a very fine wool, silk shantung, and silk satin. This pattern is open to many variations of different fabrics. 
Price: 7.00 USD


Twenties Cape and Dress 
This delightful daytime ensemble for Bleuette is derived from two La Semaine de Suzette patterns from the early 1920's. They are simple to make. The cape is completely lined in the same fabric as the dress. The hood can be worn up or down. The bodice is lined, and the ruffles are cut double, so there is no tedious hemming. I made it in a patterned linen and thin, fine velveteen.

The original instructions in the 1922 La Semaine de Suzette for the dress pattern gave some lovely ideas for fabrics and colors! For the dress, it was suggested that one could use velvet, taffeta or satin! Suggested color combinations include: marine blue and straw blue; red and pink; violet and mauve; chestnut and beige. They also mentioned to cut the bodice in a very sharp, clear color such as orange, empire green or cherry, and then to make the skirt in a lighter color such as: sky blue with the orange or cherry; pink or mauve with empire green. They mention that sharp contrasts of color being very popular, that the greatest vogue that season was combinations of black and white. And another charming suggestion was to make the skirt plaid, and the bodice one of the darker colors of the skirt.

The directions for the cape, which is a pattern from 1921, state that the hood lining would be very beautiful in a striped, floral or plaid silk. Fabrics suggested were cotton velvet, wool velvet (I think this means a soft wool with a brushed finish), and gabardine 
Price: 7.00 USD


ROBE D'ETE and VESTE RAGLAN inspired from La Semaine de Suzette, 1950 
These are two patterns from 1950 which have been adapted so they will fit well. Robe D'Ete is a two piece dress... easy to make, and fits perfectly. It is a wonderful style to showcase a favorite or very special piece of fabric!

The little jacket, Veste Raglan, is from the same year. I had to alter it considerably so it would fit, and think it is a lovely complement to the dress. It is entirely lined, and it has working patch pockets so you can tuck in wee flowers or a little hankie 
Price: 7.00 USD


Costume D'Ete 1908 and Tablier (apron) 
While this is described as a summer dress in 1908 La Semaine de Suzette, it seems rather heavy for the hot summer months! So I am showing it in a dark plaid cotton with a thin wool cape/collar. I carefully re-drafted parts of the original patterns, so it will fit the JN Bleuette body well. It has many possibilities for customization. I show it with soutache on the cape and cuffs, but as shown in the original LSDS picture, the yoke may also be trimmed. A delicate fancy braid could also be used. What is important is that the trim selected be able to curve well.

I prefer this style with a ribbon sash, as it looks so pretty with a tied bow in the back, but I am also providing a pattern for a fabric belt, as originally designed. For the cape, pick a fabric that does not fray easily, and be sure and treat all the edges with a fray preventive product before sewing. Stripes or plaids are great with this style. As the skirt is circular, a stripe or plaid looks very interesting as its pattern changes direction around the skirt. It is also pretty to cut the upper sleeves on the bias!

The dressy apron can be made in cotton, wool or silk. It was not intended as work apron, but as a pretty garment to cover good clothing. It is also useful to wear with a simple dress, to attain a fancier ensemble! The trim can be lace, braid or any that is flexible enough to be shaped smoothly around the curved armholes and neckline. The back opening can fasten just at the neckline, or close all the way to the hem. As this apron flares at the hem, it will be attractive with full skirts. The original illustrations shows what appear to be tucks, but as the pattern didn't call for them, I did not include them. 
Price: 7.00 USD


Au Jardin 1932 and Elegant Tablier plus Morning cap 
Au Jardin is a sweet style from Gautier Languereau in 1932. I have interpreted it in two different floral prints, the red is new cotton fabric, and the green is vintage cotton fabric dating from the thirties. Both dresses are trimmed around the waist and lower sleeves with vintage braid.

The Elegant Tablier was a "new" style for the tablier, and it features a bodice with gathered skirt, open all the way down the back. It is trimmed with lace at the neck, armholes and hem. (prior to this, the G-L "elegant" tablier style was two panels front and back in a "chasuble" shape).I made it in a soft cotton with rows of drawn thread work, and trimmed with cotton laces. Its shape complements the cut of the dress.

Her morning cap (intended so that little girls would present a neat appearance at breakfast, before they had time to arrange their hair) was made in the same fabric as the tabliers, and it is trimmed with silk ribbons too.

When selecting fabrics for your version of this style, soft florals are good for the dress, trimmed with colorful braid. The tablier looks well in any fancy cotton fabric... dotted Swiss was used originally, and it would be so pretty! The cap will probably look best in a soft cotton or silk. 
Price: 7.00 USD


Arlequine Deguisement (fancy dress) costume 1920's 
ARLEQUINE is a fancy dress costume (a deguisement) for Bleuette, that was advertised in La Semaine de Suzette in the mid 1920's. This is my close interpretation of the style. What a fun, splashy style for a deguisement. I love the bright colors, the hem points on the top, and most especially her Napoleonic hat!

The top is usually seen in a diamond patterned fabric, known as Harlequin. This pattern was designed for a particular fabric. If you use another diamond patterned fabric, the points may not match up, but not to worry, as they didn't match up in the G-L clothing, either! Or, you can make it in a solid colored fabric.

I used very thin, fine velveteen for the skirt and hat, and a good cotton for the Harlequin fabric. Both are completely lined. The shoes and mask are wool felt. The neck and wrist ruffles are English cotton net. The beads are solid glass. The stockings are pure cotton knit. Silk ribbons fasten the waistband of the skirt, and the face mask. The skirt waistband is cut in the Harlequin fabric for a perky accent!

As the skirt is totally lined, there is no worry about the velveteen shedding little fuzzies! The brim of the hat is interlined with crinoline to hold its shape. The instructions are very detailed, guiding you every step of the way for a beautiful finished ensemble! 
Price: 7.00 USD


Underclothing Set Two - 1870's Lady 
This pattern is for an authentic set of underclothing for French Fashion lady dolls from the 1870's. The drawers are tucked and lace trimmed. The chemise is exquisitely designed with inset pintucked yokes, and short straight sleeves.The four gored petticoat is moderately full with front tucks, and a lace trimmed self ruffle.

Authentic underclothing is essential so the outer clothing will look well and have the right silhouette!

This pattern was made to fit a well proportioned French Fashion type doll, from 11.5" to 12" tall. The waistlines fasten with tape ties for easy adjustment. It is pictured on a doll with the leather Create A Doll body. 
Price: 7.00 USD


Darling Day Dress 1907 
  • This lovely pattern set is circa 1907... when the skirts were still fairly soft and full, and the blouses often had gathered puff sleeves and soft fullness on the bodice. This lovely day dress is a style which a lady might put on in the morning and wear throughout the day. Some women did change their clothing several times a day, but many did not, and this ensemble would have been worn with contentment about the house, or perhaps by donning a hat, to a store on a quick errand.

    DESCRIPTION OF THE PATTERN: The four gored skirt has soft hand stitched shirring at the waist to control the fullness. Her blouse has an inner bodice of white cotton, with a gathered tucker, and the over bodice of patterned cotton is slightly gathered for style and ease, and then confined at the waist, with a silk ribbon belt. The waistband of the bodice attaches with hooks to the skirt’s waistband. Her perky hair bow is made from starched cotton with hand rolled edges, and is trimmed with Valenciennes lace. I made the skirt as shown in lightweight cotton sateen, the inner bodice of white cotton voile, and the polka dot bodice of vintage sheer cotton lawn

    Recommended Fabrics:

    Skirt: lightweight or sheer cottons or silks.

    Blouse: Inner bodice: thin cottons such as voile or lawn. Habotai silk.

    Bodice: thin, slightly sheer cottons such as lawn, batiste or voile. Lightweight, soft silks.

    Cottons may be starched to make them easier to handle.

    The front cover of the pattern shows several views in color. There are very clear directions and neatly drawn patterns to help you every step of the way!

    • This clothing was made to fit the Gildebrief French Fashion doll body (which makes up into a doll about 12" tall with the head) but should fit other similar size French Fashions as well, wth possibly minor adjustments.

    My doll is Olivia, an exquisite Simon and Halbig 1159 made for me by Barbi Kantor-Goldenberg. The 1159 was originally made for the French market (as well as for the German market) and has been found on antique French lady bodies. Hence my consideration that she can be regarded as a later French fashion doll.

    You are buying the pattern only...the doll and other accessories shown are not included.

    My pattern for Underclothing Circa 1900 properly supports this style.

    Price: 7.00 USD


    Robe de Toile Uni et Fleuri 1925 
    This is one of my favorite types of twenties dresses! It has contrast, detail, and graceful lines. The bodice is T shaped with an inset front panel bordered with button groups. The skirt is softly gathered… its joining to the bodice is concealed by a belt/sash which ties in a large bow in the back.

    The neckline is cut to accommodate a string of beads.. and finally, I think the perfect headwear is a large bow!

    I made it in a soft, very vintage silk shantung. This LSDS style looks best made in a fabric which will drape a bit. The contrast should be a small floral as called for in the original directions. 
    Price: 7.00 USD


    Elegant Reception Gown pattern, circa 1910 
  • DESCRIPTION: Mme. Olivia requests the pleasure of your company at her elegant reception at 333 Rue Chic, Paris, France. She will be wearing a most stylish dress from 1910, trimmed with Point D’Esprit lace fabric and a plenitude of lustrous silk ribbon. Shimmery beads are sprinkled here and there to please her fancy.

    Her headpiece fits just so, to gently caress her curls, and the marabou flourish accented with sparkling tinsel is held captive by the ornate metal filigree.

    Your doll can also possess a beautiful dress just like her own. This pattern will show you how!

    This style has an elevated waistline, back closure, and a shaped 4 gore skirt.This is a pattern which is simple to construct, made fancy by elegant use of materials, lace and ribbon.

  • This clothing was made to fit the Gildebrief French Fashion doll body (which makes up into a doll about 12" tall with the head) but should fit other similar size French Fashions as well, wth possibly minor adjustments.

    Price: 7.00 USD


    "The Little French Shepherdesses" 1927 style for Bleuette and Rosette 
    This darling pastoral style was inspired by a ready made deguisement from Gautier Languereau named "Marquise", which was advertised in LSDS in 1927. It reminded me of a shepherdess costume... and I thought how sweet it would be to see Bleuette and Rosette tending a flock of sheep! It features a full gathered skirt. The top has its panniers attached to the lower edge of the bodice. Collar and flared cuffs are outline stitched by hand. It fastens up the front. The bodice bow is echoed in her hair and on her staff. 
    Price: 7.00 USD


    Parisian Walking Ensemble circa 1912 
    DESCRIPTION: This lovely pattern set is circa 1912... the time period of Titanic, and also the first season of Downton Abbey. Olivia is dressed exquisitely for taking a stroll about fashionable Paris. Her stylish narrow skirt and bodice are ornamented with braid, beads, lace and fine tucks. The waist is accented with a beaded leather belt. A matching sleeveless jacket complements with its trims and narrow elongated shape.

    The wired buckram hat is smoothly covered with fabric, and trimmed with lace, ribbons, and ostrich and nagoire feathers.

    Her pretty underclothing is cut narrow and trim to properly support the style.

  • DESCRIPTION OF THE PATTERN: The patterns include: drawers, chemise, petticoat, dress, jacket and hat. This pattern comes packaged in a clear plastic sheet protector so you can insert it into a binder. The front cover of the pattern shows several views in color. There are very clear directions and neatly drawn patterns to help you every step of the way!
  • This clothing was made to fit the Gildebrief French Fashion doll body (which makes up into a doll about 12" tall with the head) but should fit other similar size French Fashions as well, wth possibly minor adjustments.

    My doll is Olivia, an exquisite Simon and Halbig 1159 made for me by Barbi Kantor-Goldenberg. The 1159 was originally made for the French market (as well as for the German market) and has been found on antique French lady bodies. Hence my consideration that she can be regarded as a later French fashion doll.

    . You are buying the pattern... the dolls and other accessories shown are not included.

    Price: 7.00 USD


    Atlantic early 1950's sailor outfit for Bleuette and Rosette 
    Every little French girl needed a Marin, or sailor outfit, hanging in her closet. The sharply detailed collar, cuffs and pleated skirt, plus the rows of stitched on braid were tres tres chic!!

    Bleuette and Rosette will don these lovely outfits when they go out with Tante Cecile and Lisette, to visit friends and relatives. They will of course behave beautifully, as they have been taught to do by Maman and the good Sisters at school. (But most certainly their thoughts will wander to the lovely trays filled with sweets and tea cakes!)

    The summer version of Atlantic was made from white and navy cotton pique, with a tied neck ribbon. It is finished off with a perky Marin hat, with the word "Atlantic" printed on the silk ribbon band.

    These charming sailor outfits can be made in either cotton or fine wool, with many variations or red, white and or blue. 
    Price: 7.00 USD


    Afternoon Dress Circa 1905, plus Velvet chapeau 
    DESCRIPTION: Olivia is all ready for an afternoon of shopping, or visiting friends. After she gets home and removes her lovely velvet hat, she will be "at home" to receive her friends' visits or perhaps she will settle down by a bright window and work on her embroidery project.

    Her ensemble is made from a fine wool crepe, trimmed with narrow black braid and running stitch embroidery on the skirt. Her top has an inset of tucked silk dupioni, and jabot and cuffs to match with a fringed edge highlighted by black top stitching. Her collar is attached at the back of the neck, and at the waistline. The skirt and blouse are separate pieces, and join with hooks on the waistbands, with a silk ribbon belt to cover the overlap. This costume is unlined which is not the common way to construct an outfit of this type, but as the doll is so small, this preserves a graceful look. Skirt closure is in the back with an applied placket, and down the center front of the blouse with hooks and worked loops, and tiny buttons for decoration all down the front placket. The ruffled jabot is constructed then stitched in place at the neck.

    The silhouette is the charming "pigeon breast" with elevated line at the upper skirt back, and the full drooping bodice in the front. Her sleeves are full at the wrist cuff as well, and softly gathered into the armhole. The five gore skirt has an attached flounce with both inverted and knife edge pleats. It has a lovely flair and sweep.

    Her hat is made from wired buckram, covered in fine black velvet. The left side curves up, and the head size is oval. The trimming is of various silk ribbons formed into a variety of bows and rosettes, plus two red holly berries for an accent, and a curling ostrich plume.

    Price: 7.00 USD


    Underclothing Circa 1900 
    Every fin de siecle lady aspired to possess lovely unmentionables! Olivia is no exception and is thrilled with her new underclothing set. Her drawers are the latest style with a faced (no waistband) waistline, with shaping provided with four darts each side so they contour well to her rounded figure. They are trimmed with lace edged ruffles with a lace insertion header.

    Her little corset cover is also trimmed with lace insertion on both front and back. The waist is finished with a smoothly contoured peplum. The neckline is gathered into an narrow bias band. Neckline and armholes are trimmed with narrow lace. Closure is up the front with tiny snaps and little buttons for decoration.

    Her gored petticoat has a center back closure. The hem is trimmed with a gathered ruffle, with lace at the hem, and narrow lace stitched on top of the ruffle head. 
    Price: 7.00 USD


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