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Bleuette 1921-1930

Bleuette 1921-1930

The Bleuette clothing was made to fit the Janice Naibert type Bleuette body, (approx 10 and 5/8" (or 27cm) tall with head) but should fit others as well.

All my patterns are authentically designed and tested. They contain excellent instructions so you can make the clothing yourself. A full color cover with several views of the style, clearly typed instructions, and carefully drawn patterns. A complete list of materials needed is provided, along with suggestions for appropriate fabrics and trims. The pattern is contained in a clear plastic sleeve which you can insert into your binder for ease of use and safekeeping. You are buying the pattern or the described item. Any doll, clothing, or accessories pictured are not included.

Bleuette 1921-1930

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"The Little French Shepherdesses" 1927 style for Bleuette and Rosette 
This darling pastoral style was inspired by a ready made deguisement from Gautier Languereau named "Marquise", which was advertised in LSDS in 1927. It reminded me of a shepherdess costume... and I thought how sweet it would be to see Bleuette and Rosette tending a flock of sheep! It features a full gathered skirt. The top has its panniers attached to the lower edge of the bodice. Collar and flared cuffs are outline stitched by hand. It fastens up the front. The bodice bow is echoed in her hair and on her staff. 
Price: 7.00 USD


A MERRY TRIO pattern set ~ Three Twenties style patterns for Bleuette 
Here are three new patterns, designed and modeled by my favorite Bleuette dolls! The patterns are named in honor of them too, my dear little models who have worked so hard for me through the years!

These styles were inspired by, but are not exact copies, of some fetching GL styles from the twenties, which is one of my favorite Bleu eras.

EMMA: A gathered wool skirt, well fitting long sleeved linen blouse, and a cosy tweed jacket with wee pockets. A pleated beret sits down low on her head.

MADELEINE: A fitted tweed skirt, topped with a fine pique blouse with set in short sleeves, her bodice gathered into a wide hip level band, and trimmed with an elegant bow. Her little velvet jacket is fully lined.

CHANTAL: A delightful dress, her bodice is printed silk twill, her skirt, neck binding and sleeves in a fine silk shantung. Leather belt. Shaped hat, fully lined, with a narrow turned back brim, ornamented with a decorative button and ostrich fronds.

Price: 7.00 USD


Arlequine Deguisement (fancy dress) costume 1920's 
ARLEQUINE is a fancy dress costume (a deguisement) for Bleuette, that was advertised in La Semaine de Suzette in the mid 1920's. This is my close interpretation of the style. What a fun, splashy style for a deguisement. I love the bright colors, the hem points on the top, and most especially her Napoleonic hat!

The top is usually seen in a diamond patterned fabric, known as Harlequin. This pattern was designed for a particular fabric. If you use another diamond patterned fabric, the points may not match up, but not to worry, as they didn't match up in the G-L clothing, either! Or, you can make it in a solid colored fabric.

I used very thin, fine velveteen for the skirt and hat, and a good cotton for the Harlequin fabric. Both are completely lined. The shoes and mask are wool felt. The neck and wrist ruffles are English cotton net. The beads are solid glass. The stockings are pure cotton knit. Silk ribbons fasten the waistband of the skirt, and the face mask. The skirt waistband is cut in the Harlequin fabric for a perky accent!

As the skirt is totally lined, there is no worry about the velveteen shedding little fuzzies! The brim of the hat is interlined with crinoline to hold its shape. The instructions are very detailed, guiding you every step of the way for a beautiful finished ensemble! 
Price: 7.00 USD


Bleuette's Basic Pattern Set - 12 patterns to Mix and Match 
This pattern set has twelve patterns. Ten are G-L styles,and two are from La Semaine de Suzette. You can make them as shown, OR, almost all of the pattern pieces are interchangeable. This means all the sleeves work with all the bodices, all except one of the collars can be switched, and the skirts can be paired with different bodices!

You will notice when looking at the patterns, that even though they were originally sold from between 1927 and 1958, that they all have a bodice with a natural waistline, a gathered or pleated full skirt, various set in sleeves and a variety of collars!

This is a great pattern set, as purists can make them as shown for an authentic re-creation; while those who want to play a bit more will find it easy to create their own unique styles!

This pattern set is contained in a blue paper folder... There is a full color cover sheet, and three sheets in full color show all twelve styles individually too! Each pattern has its own set of clear instructions. And it will be easy to use the different pattern pieces to vary the styles... 
Price: 30.00 USD


Cosy Wintertime Ensemble - Dress and Fur Trimmed Coat 
What a cozy yet chic ensemble for Bleuette! The dress, fur trimmed coat and hat are all inspired by La Semaine de Suzette patterns from the 1920's.

I show them made up in vintage wool and silk, with a low pile faux fur. You can use these same types of fabrics, or create something uniquely your own!

The dress is simple to make with a flexible braid trim to accent it. The coat is unlined (to reduce bulk) and is easy to fit.

Once your Bleuette is nestled inside her warm dress and coat, then top it all off with her jaunty silk hat, and tie her scarf securely to keep her all cozy! 
Price: 7.00 USD


Robe de Jersey 1927 
A lovely new style for your Bleuette, this time made in very chic jersey! Jersey fabric became popular in the twenties, and as usual, Bleuette was in the latest fashion. I show it made in a lovely wool jersey, but silk or cotton jersey would also be authentic.

The skirt has an elastic waist; and it and the blouse top are trimmed with fabric bands of vintage floral cotton. The closure is made smooth with snaps, and there is a darling row of decorative buttons, and a wee pocket flap. This is an easy to make outfit rich with style. 
Price: 7.00 USD


Robe de Toile Uni et Fleuri 1925 
This is one of my favorite types of twenties dresses! It has contrast, detail, and graceful lines. The bodice is T shaped with an inset front panel bordered with button groups. The skirt is softly gathered… its joining to the bodice is concealed by a belt/sash which ties in a large bow in the back.

The neckline is cut to accommodate a string of beads.. and finally, I think the perfect headwear is a large bow!

I made it in a soft, very vintage silk shantung. This LSDS style looks best made in a fabric which will drape a bit. The contrast should be a small floral as called for in the original directions. 
Price: 7.00 USD


Robe en Foulard Imprime 1922; Cape Nouvelle 1926; and Chapeau de Pluie 1924 
This is a dear dress with ruffles at the neckline, low waist and sleeve; paired with a breezy cape with a delightful puff gathered collar… and very Deco embroidery at the hem! Finished off with the sweetest little chapeau with turn back brim and pom pom!

I have made the dress in a bright Deco print; the cape is made from vintage hand woven Irish wool. The cape collar has an under collar, and the silk taffeta upper collar is gathered to it on all sides.

When choosing the wool or fabric for the cape, keep in mind it should be lightweight. 
Price: 7.00 USD


Twenties Cape and Dress 
This delightful daytime ensemble for Bleuette is derived from two La Semaine de Suzette patterns from the early 1920's. They are simple to make. The cape is completely lined in the same fabric as the dress. The hood can be worn up or down. The bodice is lined, and the ruffles are cut double, so there is no tedious hemming. I made it in a patterned linen and thin, fine velveteen.

The original instructions in the 1922 La Semaine de Suzette for the dress pattern gave some lovely ideas for fabrics and colors! For the dress, it was suggested that one could use velvet, taffeta or satin! Suggested color combinations include: marine blue and straw blue; red and pink; violet and mauve; chestnut and beige. They also mentioned to cut the bodice in a very sharp, clear color such as orange, empire green or cherry, and then to make the skirt in a lighter color such as: sky blue with the orange or cherry; pink or mauve with empire green. They mention that sharp contrasts of color being very popular, that the greatest vogue that season was combinations of black and white. And another charming suggestion was to make the skirt plaid, and the bodice one of the darker colors of the skirt.

The directions for the cape, which is a pattern from 1921, state that the hood lining would be very beautiful in a striped, floral or plaid silk. Fabrics suggested were cotton velvet, wool velvet (I think this means a soft wool with a brushed finish), and gabardine 
Price: 7.00 USD


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